E-book Usage in Health Education

Craig Gelband is currently a senior medical director at Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education. In a previous role as a senior training manager for Organon USA, Inc., Craig Gelband developed innovative training methods for hospital teams.

A recent addition to the medical training industry is the e-book, which follows the trend of students using tablet devices to take notes, listen to lectures, and view valuable online resources.

In a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System, almost 5,300 surveys were sent to a random sample of remote-access patrons of the university’s health library. Out of the 871 who completed the survey and the 108 who partially completed the survey, 55.4 percent reported using e-books for specific purposes. According to the survey results, 21.3 percent of faculty assigned e-books for reading, and 86 percent of interns and residents reported using e-books as tools for supporting clinical care. Although survey takers preferred textbooks for reference and research, they showed a high level of flexibility in terms of which format they typically use.