Caring for Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers make great family pets due to their social, obedient personalities. They love to have fun, are easy to train, and enjoy being around people. However, they need the proper care to remain healthy, obedient, and happy. Craig Gelband, senior medical director at Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education, has been working in the medical field for more than ten years. Committed to animal welfare, Craig Gelband and his family have rescued and adopted many dogs, specifically golden retrievers.

As with any dog, raising a golden retriever is a big responsibility. Aside from maintaining regular vet visits, there are several things that golden retriever owners can do to help their dogs live happily. When first getting a golden retriever, it is important to allow it to slowly get used to the new environment. Allowing the dog to get used to a single room over a couple of days often helps with this process. It is important to monitor a new golden retriever’s behavior for a few weeks to ensure it is adapting well.

Golden retrievers require regular exercise in order to stay healthy. They typically have high levels of energy, and generally they should be taken on walks every day. Due to their medium to long fur length, golden retrievers require regular brushing to prevent excessive shedding, tangles, and matting.

As golden retrievers age, they commonly require additional care. Due to their desire to please their owners, it can sometimes be difficult to notice the signs of aging among golden retrievers. As a golden retriever ages, it is important to pay extra attention to any signs of pain or injury, and to ensure the dog still gets the companionship it needs.