Caring for Golden Retrievers

Senior medical director of Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education, Craig Gelband has more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. A dedicated member of the community, Craig Gelband volunteers at various organizations and is active in rescuing dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers require plenty of exercise, typically at least one brisk walk a day. At home, throwing balls and other toys in the backyard further uses up a Golden Retriever’s natural energy and helps avoid hyperactivity, which may result in a dog causing damage within the home. Golden Retrievers require a balanced diet that includes all the basic vitamins and nutrients. Without proper nutrition, a dog may experience skin problems, obesity, and gastrointestinal disorders.

As Golden Retrievers are prone to several genetic problems, annual veterinary visits are important for their overall health. Make sure vets check for cancer, joint dysplasia, and heart disease. Brushing dogs a few times a week prevents matting and tangling of the fur, and Golden Retrievers’ medium-length coat makes grooming easy. Regular bathing and shampooing is also helpful for keeping fur clean and healthy. Furthermore, brushing a Golden Retriever’s teeth every few months prevents bad breath and dental problems.


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