Duke University’s Disappointing 2014 NCAA Performance

With a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, Craig Gelband holds a BS in biology from Duke University. During his time at the university, he participated in intramural softball and football activities and helped his teams achieve league victories. Craig Gelband was also a big fan of the Blue Devils basketball team and attended every home game while an undergraduate. He continues to be an avid supporter.

The 2013-2014 season under longtime coach Mike Krzyzewski was a forgettable one for Duke University. The men’s team achieved only a third-place conference standing, despite a respectable overall record of 26-8. Unlike the previous season, when the Blue Devils made the NCAA Elite Eight, this year the team progressed only to the first round of the NCAA March tournament. The loss against the underdog Mercer Bears highlighted the fact that, despite an excellent offensive attack, Duke had one of the nation’s least effective interior defenses. In the Blue Devils’ loss, Mercer senior Daniel Coursey used his combination of weight and speed to continuously pound Duke and score baskets.

Although Duke is looking forward to the next season, it is losing star players Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood. However, many fans feel that the arrival of high school standout Jahlil Okafor may change the dynamics of the team and herald the emergence of a new conference heavyweight.


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