The Basics of Racquetball

Craig Gelband, the senior medical director of Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education, has more than a decade of experience in the medical education and pharmaceutical fields. Outside of work, Craig Gelband maintains an active lifestyle and plays several sports, including racquetball.

Similar to racquet-based sports such as tennis and badminton, players score in racquetball by winning rallies. Typical matches are made up of two games. The winner is the first player to get 15 points, which are only scored by the player who is serving. The sport’s indoor courts are rectangular in shape and consist of a ceiling and four walls. Bouncing the ball off of any surface is acceptable, and the small court size keeps players from having to run very great distances.

Servers have two chances to get the ball in play. Good serves send the ball over both solid lines on the court and hit the front wall first. Additionally, the ball must hit the floor before hitting the back wall. Hitting the ball too far or too short results in a fault serve, as does the ball hitting the back wall before the floor. A point is scored when the opposing player hits the ball after it has bounced twice, or fails to get the ball to the front wall.


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