Hitting Techniques for a Strong Softball Swing

Craig Gelband currently serves as the senior medical director for Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Craig Gelband engages in a variety of sport activities, including softball.

Athletes know that mastering the fundamentals of a sport is extremely important, and in softball, swing fundamentals are crucial for success. To develop a strong softball swing, players must master skills like “loading,” which involves bending with the legs and angling the wrist in preparation for an explosive movement. Players should have their weight back, and the bat should be angled in toward the head in a loaded position. Using this positioning, players can generate the power and speed required for a strong swing.

Players should also practice correct leaning techniques to increase swing stability and strength. Instead of rotating their chest toward a low or outside pitch, they should move their hands down or out to accommodate for the ball’s path. These basic hand movements allow players to keep their eyes on the ball and their head steady for a better swing posture and improved swing accuracy.


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