Golden Retrievers Can Be an Excellent Addition to Your Family

Golden Retrievers pic

Golden Retrievers

Craig Gelband, an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, is familiar with the challenges and benefits of animal rescue. Efforts to rescue and adopt golden retrievers are of particular interest to Craig Gelband and his family. Golden retrievers, with their excellent temperament and sweet nature, are a great choice for families looking to adopt a pet.

Golden retrievers are known to be lovable, well-mannered dogs. They are very friendly and make a good choice for families due to their gentle and patient natures. Since they are generally very intelligent, golden retrievers are easy to train. Because of this, the breed is often selected for obedience competitions, hunting, and to be leader dogs for the blind.

Golden retrievers are active and exuberant. They love to run, walk, and play outside with their owners. Because of their energetic personality, it is recommended that owners provide daily exercise for their golden retriever. Without exercise, the dog is likely to become high strung and over excitable.

Golden retrievers are a sturdy, medium sized breed that can weigh from 55-80 lbs. They range from 20-24” in height. They are known for their rich golden coat that ends in a feathery trim under their bellies, behind their legs, at the front of their necks, and on the underside of their tails. Regular brushing is usually all that is required to care for a golden retriever’s coat.


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