Delicious Culinary Treats in Paris, France


Parisian Crepes pic

Parisian Crepes

As a pharmaceutical professional, Craig Gelband has travelled extensively throughout Europe. He has visited several countries, including France. Culinary experts from all over the world recognize the delicious dishes that originate in France. When it comes to sampling authentic French cuisine, there is no better than in Paris.

After touring all the top tourist destinations in Paris like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Musee d’Orsay, it is a treat to sample some authentic Parisian cuisine.

Crepes – super thin pancakes wrapped around a sweet or savory filling – are a famous French treat that are sold by street vendors. Macaroons are another popular sweet treat in the City of Lights. These super-light, bite-size confections are made with egg whites, sugar, and almonds. A sweet buttercream or ganache filling glues them together. They come in a variety of colors and flavors.

For breakfast, Parisians love grabbing an authentic, buttery croissant made from scratch or a pain au chocolat, which is a delicious, flaky croissant filled with dark chocolate. It pairs perfectly with an espresso or cappuccino.

For lunch, visitors can grab a croque monsieur, a decadent grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich. If an egg is added to the top, the croquet monsieur becomes a croque madame. Other items found on French lunch menus are the salade nicoise and steak-frites.

In lieu of dessert, many restaurants serve artisanal cheeses. Visitors can sample a wide variety from each of France’s regions.


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