Three Considerations Before Adopting a Golden Retriever

golden retriever

golden retriever


Craig Gelband is the Vice President, Group Medical Director at Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education. When he is not working, Craig Gelband actively helps to rescue dogs, focusing particularly on Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers are a popular breed choice because they are beautiful, good with kids, and take well to training. As with any pet, however, there are some caveats you should consider before adopting your own Golden Retriever. You want to make sure the dog has the best home he or she can and that you have the best dog for you.

1. Space – As a large dog breed, Golden Retrievers need plenty of space, both inside your house and in the yard. Speaking of, this is not an ideal breed for apartment living. Their size, enthusiasm, and need for constant exercise make a clutter-free house with a large yard their ideal home.

2. Exercise – Even with a large yard, your Golden Retriever needs about 40 minutes to an hour of exercise every day. That means you will need to make time daily to take him for a walk or visit the dog park. As a dog bred specifically for hunting and sporting, inadequate exercise could lead to behavioral issues caused by pent up energy.

3. Shedding – With what is referred to as a double coat, Golden Retrievers shed more than many other dog breeds. Aside from normal shedding, your dog will annually shed his downy undercoat, leaving your home covered in hair. Daily at-home grooming can help cut down on it, but expect to buy a good vacuum and use it regularly.


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