Jay Pharoah Remains Quiet on His SNL Exit

Jay Pharoah

Jay Pharoah


Craig Gelband works as the vice president, group medical director for Ogilvy CommonHealth. When he is not working, Craig Gelband enjoys watching comedies on TV, especially Saturday Night Live (SNL).

After confirming at the MTV Video Music Awards that he would not be returning to SNL, comedian Jay Pharoah remained tight-lipped regarding why. Pharoah’s six-season run on the show gave fans memorable, spot-on impressions of Drake, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Jay-Z and President Obama.

Though the comedian joked about leaving SNL at the MTV Video Music Awards, he has remained quiet on the details of his departure. When a reporter asked Pharoah whether he chose to leave or was let go by the show’s longtime showrunner Lorne Michaels, Pharoah coyly responded that transitions always happen on SNL, and he is looking forward to his next project.

Pharoah’s next project is the Jamie Foxx-produced Showtime comedy, White Famous. The show centers on the struggles of a young black comedian as he gains recognition and slowly becomes a household name among white Americans.


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