Troubling Miami Heat Season Predictions from ESPN’s Kevin Pelton

Miami Heat pic

Miami Heat

Craig Gelband is the vice president, group medical director for Ogilvy CommonHealth, a community of health behavior change specialists. Outside of work, Craig Gelband is a basketball fan, and his favorite professional team is the Miami Heat.

Unfortunately for fans of the Heat, ESPN analyst Kevin Pelton predicts a rough season, one in which the Heat will not reach the postseason. The Miami Heat had a rocky off-season that saw the departures of Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson, and Luol Deng. With these exits in mind, Kevin Pelton predicts the Heat to win only about 38 games this season. Pelton’s prediction for the season’s best-performing team goes to the Golden State Warriors, with around 67 predicted wins.

Pelton’s prediction would put the Heat out of this season’s playoffs, leaving the team at 10th place in the Eastern Conference. This is assuming Chris Bosh stays with the team, though his future is uncertain. Without Bosh, Pelton’s adjusted prediction places the Heat in 12th place.


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