Duke Alumni Association’s Upcoming Trips

Duke Alumni Association pic

Duke Alumni Association
Image: alumni.duke.edu

A former senior medical director at Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education, Craig Gelband has since taken on the position of the Vice President, Group Medical Director. Craig Gelband graduated with a BS in zoology from Duke University and belongs to the Duke Alumni Association, which has scheduled a number of upcoming trips, including those detailed below.

Coastal Iberia. From October 9 through 17, Duke alumni can explore the coasts of the Iberian peninsula, from Barcelona, Spain, to Lisbon, Portugal. The trip will also take participants on a small cruise ship up the Guadalquivir River into the center of Seville.

The Pearls of Southeast Asia. A unique trip featuring four UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Pearls of Southeast Asia will take Duke alumni on a nine-night cruise from October 18 through 28 to experience such locations as Hong Kong and Saigon. Participants can also expect to see Vietnam’s rice paddies and pagodas as well as the country’s capital city of Hanoi.

Colombia. Starting on January 19, Duke alumni will take an 11-day tour of Colombia, beginning in Bogota, where they can visit the Botero and Gold museums. The trip will also include a visit to the Coffee Triangle as well as stops in Medellin and Zipaquira, where participants will have the opportunity to see the underground “Salt Cathedral.”


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