About Craig Gelband

For more than five years, Craig Gelband has been senior medical director with Ogilvy CommonHealth Medical Education. In this role, Gelband oversees the development of professional education programs focused on various therapies. Specialists in psychiatry, anesthesiology, cardiology, women’s healthcare, and numerous other fields benefit from the educational content that he helps to develop. Also for his clients, Craig Gelband helps to write marketing plans and situational analyses. Since joining the firm, he has received “Exceeds Expectations” marks annually during employee reviews.

Before accepting his current position, Gelband obtained experience in the pharmaceutical industry through Organon USA, Inc. Initially a medical science manager, he also served as senior medical science manager and as senior training manager. Among his responsibilities were those of educating the hospital sales team district managers and representatives, revising clinical training manuals, mentoring new employees, and assisting launch teams.

During his tenure with Organon USA, Craig Gelband earned numerous honors, including two Medical Affairs Unit Head Awards. Other honors he acquired during his career include placement in five Who’s Who books for over 15 consecutive years


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